Organizations are increasingly dependent upon technology to achieve their business objectives. However, many still struggle with how to measure the value of their technology investments and tie them to specific results. Often, this challenge can be traced to IT processes that focus on specific technology stacks rather than IT operations as a whole.

Many organizations are working to better align IT with business results through a shift to an IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) model and implementation of IT Service Management (ITSM) processes. ITSM is a discipline for orchestrating IT resources across an organization and providing a coordinated point of contact for all consumers of IT services. The methodology continues to evolve based upon changing technology and business requirements.

For ITSM to remain effective, it should be based upon industry best practices. That’s why many organizations leverage the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) process improvement framework for managing complex technology environments. ITIL is considered a standard in the provisioning, management and support of IT systems and services.

Best-in-class managed services providers (MSPs) such as Technologent utilize ITIL and ITSM in the delivery of their solutions. The ITIL/ITSM approach ensures consistent delivery of high-quality managed services and helps customers adopt more disciplined processes in-house.

How ITIL Enables ITSM

The ITIL framework outlines the steps needed for incident, change, configuration and problem management, and about a dozen other IT disciplines. The central idea behind ITIL is to streamline the myriad policies and processes that organizations have developed over the years, many of which may be contradictory or counterproductive. The goal is to help organizations improve performance and cut costs.

High-profile organizations in a wide range of industries have adopted the ITIL framework, reporting great success as a direct result. ITIL helps organizations gain the stability and predictability needed to support increased velocity. It can also result in significant operational cost savings by enabling organizations to eliminate redundant processes, streamline workflows and reduce overhead.

One reason for ITIL’s broad acceptance is the fact that major manufacturers have incorporated ITIL terminology and practices into their infrastructure management tools. These tools provide end-to-end visibility and control across the IT environment, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

As a result, they enable CIOs to understand where IT is helping to achieve business objectives and where system performance must be improved. The idea is to dynamically link business-related services to underlying applications, workloads and infrastructure components to deliver greater insight into how technology assets are impacting business.

How Technologent Can Help

ITIL and ITSM are about more than just tools, however. In fact, information and technology are just one component of the ITIL framework. The model incorporates organizational structures and processes along with multiple internal and external factors that affect the creation of value. The organization’s culture, staffing levels, competencies and skill sets must support ITIL objectives.
Partner and supplier relationships play an essential role in the ITIL framework. That’s why

Technologent’s managed services offerings are founded upon ITIL principles. By adopting the ITIL model, we ensure that our managed services are delivered using a formalized approach that produces predictable outcomes. In addition, we provide compatible processes for customers that have adopted ITIL internally. Our goal is to not only take responsibility for our customers’ IT processes but to improve them and help drive toward an ITaaS model.

In a future post, we will delve more deeply into the ITIL framework and the benefits that it offers.

Post by Technologent
July 30, 2021
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