What does the phrase “Women of Tech(nologent)” mean to you?
The phrase “Women of Technologent” means to me that we can navigate, work, create, generate, and/or develop new technologies, hardware, software, and information technologies in a constantly and rapidly changing environment. We, as women, can go beyond our dreams and imaginations. 

Name a fun fact about yourself that you’d like more people to know?

I had an amazing mom. My mother, brother, and I survived the Khmer Rouges’ Genocide. She lost her husband (my biological father), two sisters, and a brother during the Genocide. When I was about 3, my mom packed me and my brother and left the only home she knew. We walked through the dense jungles of Cambodia at night being mindful of landmines and sought sanctuary in Thailand. Once we were safely situated in one of the Refugees’ Camps, she applied to the United States Immigrations as religious and refugees’ status. We lived in 3 Refugees Camps for almost 5 years before we were sponsored by an American family in Utah. While living in the Camps, my brother and I learned how to hunt, forage, and cook off the lands from our mother. 

Once we came here, my mom made sure that my brother and I had all the advantages that this wonderful country had to offer. Sadly, I lost my mom when I was 21 years old, but I continued to go to college and earned my Business/Accounting degree in honor of her while working full time. 

If you ever meet me, you’ll notice that I’m a very optimistic and positive person. I take after my mother in her happy disposition and loving ways. 

How long have you worked in the IT industry?
Technologent is the only company that I’ve worked in the IT industry. I started out as Temp back in June 2018.

What would you say is the biggest challenge working in the IT field as a woman?
I think the biggest challenge working in the IT field as a woman is that sometimes it’s hard juggling/balancing families and work life. Most of us have spouses, kids, and/or other family members that depend on us to get meals ready, homework done, spend quality time with them, and other tasks that require our attention/ 

What words would you use to inspire others facing a professional or project-related obstacle?
It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s learning from these mistakes through trial and error that we improve ourselves. Through these mistakes, we can help/assist others in what we’ve learned. It’s okay to ask questions if you don’t understand something or aren’t clear. For instance, it took Thomas Edison through many trials and errors before he invented the light bulb, which revolutionized how we light our houses and buildings. Sometimes mistakes can lead to better inventions or streamlining new ways to make things better and less tedious.

Can you describe a recent positive experience working with another woman at Technologent?
I’ve learned so much here about Professional Services at Technologent. Jan Clark is always very patient and approachable. If I have any questions, concerns, or need a sounding board, I go to her for advice. Tanya Polder is another person whom I seek advice and help when understanding a project or a Sales Order. 

What is a professional/career goal for you this year?
My professional/career goal this year is to be a good team leader. I want my team to come to me if they have any questions or concerns regarding PS invoicing. 

List 3 adjectives that you think are most important for exemplifying your best work self:
Three adjectives that I like to think of my work self are positive, productive, and efficient. 

Name a book, movie or music album you’re enjoying currently:
I love reading. I usually can finish a book a day. I’ve just finished re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia. Now I’m re-reading The Hunger Games series and Pride and Prejudice. 

Are there any specific quotes, sayings or lessons that are important to you?
One of my favorites quotes is “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” - Buddha

It’s important in life not to sweat the small stuff and to stay positive, happy and count your blessings. It’s counting these blessings that can help you pick yourself up even when life seems dark and desolate, and keeping going forward. “Courage isn't having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don't have strength.” - Napoleon Bonaparte