In this installment of 5 Minutes in Healthcare, HealthCare Business News CEO Philip F. Jacobus checks in with Kevin Buckley, Global Account Manager & Business Automation Executive at Technologent. Jacobus and Buckley talk about robotic process automation (RPA) and how it can streamline certain workflows for greater efficiency, as well as what these kinds of capabilities mean for employee satisfaction and patient outcomes.

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"These initiatives within healthcare or any industry, the successful ones are driven from the Finance side, not from the IT side. You'll eventually have to get into IT, but it's all about creating more efficiency, doing more work with less people, providing a better customer experience differentiating, and providing a better product with better outcomes. The first thought is 'You want to replace me with a piece of software". There has to be an education process for the workers - this is why we're doing this, this is why you'll have more jobs because we're going to take that repetitive work that you do 25 times a day, automate that so you can focus on doing the type of things that bring more value to the business than entering data."

- An excerpt from Kevin Buckley, Global Account Manager & Business Automation Executive at Technologent

Post by Technologent
April 29, 2021
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