Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Virtual and augmented reality. Quantum computing. Robotic process automation.

These are just a few of the technology trends that are accelerating the rate of change in a wide range of industries. Analysts predict that the pace of technology advances will continue to accelerate, eventually becoming exponential, leading to ongoing disruptions that threaten established markets. Business leaders and IT professionals must stay current with technology trends or risk losing ground to more agile competitors.

Given the scope and scale of the IT industry, however, most organizations struggle to develop a technology vision that will take them into the future. It’s relatively easy to focus on one solution — the cloud, for example — that promises to meet short-term objectives. Identifying potentially disruptive technologies and determining how they can transform the business is another matter entirely.

Technologent’s advanced consulting services are designed to help organizations assess emerging IT solutions that can help them gain competitive advantages. Our experienced team can cut through the hype and help organizations capitalize on technologies that deliver real business results.

Separating Hype from Promise

The Gartner hype cycle is a popular visual representation of technology trends. It begins with a technology breakthrough that triggers significant interest as vendors tout the benefits of the solution — although real-world applications are limited. The hype quickly rises to the “peak of inflated expectations” as the viability of the solution starts coming into doubt. Next comes the “trough of disillusionment” as most early adopters of the technology fail to achieve expected results.

Breaking this cycle requires an ability to separate hype from promise and determine the true potential of a particular solution. The key is focusing on what the business can really use to deliver value to customers. The solution should provide immediate benefits as well as support long-term goals.

That’s why strong business acumen is some important in assessing new solutions. Technologent’s consultants have honed their expertise through engagements with organizations in a wide range of industries. We have gained a deep understanding of today’s business opportunities and challenges, enabling us to make informed recommendations regarding emerging technologies.

We can also bring in our trusted vendor partners to present their latest technologies in full- or half-day workshops. This helps our customers envision how these solutions might be used in their particular environment.

Putting It to Work

Recognizing the benefits of a technology is only the beginning. The next step is to identify challenges that could undermine the success of the initiative. The complexity of the IT environment is a major factor — organizations need a well-developed plan for integrating new solutions into existing infrastructure and operations. They must also consider any impact on security and regulatory compliance.

Cultural issues should not be overlooked. Often, the success of technology has more to do with organizational culture than the technology itself. Any initiative should address resistance to change and allow users to have input into the implemented solution.

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate, with thousands of new IT solutions hitting the market each year. Some have the potential to transform business, but it can be difficult for business and IT leaders to identify real benefits and capabilities and select the right solutions.

Technologent’s consultants can help organizations navigate this relentless change and validate the business impact of emerging solutions. Our advanced consulting services help organizations hone in on the most beneficial technologies and develop an implementation strategy that maximizes return on investment.

Post by Technologent
August 16, 2021
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