How long have you worked in the IT industry? 
14 great years.

Can you describe a recent positive experience working with another woman at Technologent? 
I have an endless list of answers to this question! I’ve worked with Ashley Brown for years who is an absolute well of knowledge and constantly going the extra mile for internal and external customers. If she backs me up during PTO, my accounts are so well taken care of upon my return. Teasha Scott is another rockstar who I’m lucky to work with on the sales side; I appreciate that she has high expectations, and that she teaches implicitly by example, and explicitly with details and patience.

What would you say is the biggest challenge working in the IT field as a woman? 
The challenges I’ve faced in the IT field reflect the universal challenges women face. Statistically, (white) women are paid 82% of what our male counterparts are paid; for women of color, it’s 55-63%. Through implicit bias, rather than conscious bigotry, women are often taken less seriously or overlooked for promotions. It’s the elephant in a lot of rooms, and we learn to mitigate it by leaning in and advocating for ourselves in ways that may be daunting. 

Name a book, movie or music album you’re enjoying currently: 
We’ve all seen Everything Everywhere All At Once, right? So good.

List 3 adjectives that you think are most important for exemplifying your best work self:
Focused, receptive, and enthusiastic. 

Quotes from the team about Rachel: