To help recognize and celebrate the women who support our company, Technologent surveys and nominates women each month to highlight. Please use this page to learn more about our monthly honorees and congratulate their efforts and stories by commenting below!

Teasha Modha
Director of Strategic Accounts 


What does the phrase “Women of Tech(nologent)” mean to you?
Supporting and advocating for each other, inspiring mutual trust, empathy, and friendship, celebrating our wins, and driving success.

What would you say is the biggest challenge working in the IT field as a woman?
Underrepresentation.  There’s still a disproportionate lack of female presence across various roles within this industry, which shows the need for support and advocacy that groups like the Women of Tech(nologent) can offer.    

Can you describe a recent positive experience working with another woman at Technologent?
Rachel Chesbrough and Laura Rodgers have been instrumental in developing automation and reporting for our #1 global client over the past few weeks.  They are both going above and beyond with this project to ensure that our client gets exactly what they need.

What is a professional/career goal for you this year?
One of my career goals this year is to transition into a more sales-oriented role, where I can contribute more directly to revenue growth and client success, while still leveraging my background in finance and operations.

Name a book, movie or music album you’re enjoying currently:
I am really enjoying the new Daylist feature on Spotify. It’s an algorithmically curated playlist that updates every few hours based on what you typically listen to on that day of the week and that time of day. It incorporates lots of my favorites while also introducing new genres and artists.


Ashley McCrary
Marketing Manager - Central


What is a professional/career goal for you this year?
To successfully transition into the dynamic field of marketing, contribute creatively to impactful campaigns and events, and establish myself as an asset within the marketing team.

Name a fun fact about yourself that you’d like more people to know.
At the young age of six, I was introduced to the game of soccer when a family friend took me to their youngest daughter’s match. I fell in love with the sport, and it quickly became an obsession. As I grew older, I played at the competitive level then went on to play at the collegiate level for two years. At the time, I didn’t realize how many lessons learned would carry over into my personal life and professional career. Being on the field with ten other young ladies, I learned how important communication, strategy and perseverance are when a team is trying to accomplish the same goal. It might be what sparked my competitive nature, but it also taught me the strength one can pass on by lifting others up through positivity.

What words would you use to inspire others facing a professional or project-related obstacle.
Embrace the challenge - within it, there’s an opportunity for growth. Take a deep breath, gather your courage, and remember that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Are there any specific quotes, sayings or lessons that are important to you?
“Taking on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse, isn’t it? If you’re comfortable while you’re doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.” – Ted Lasso.

Name a book, movie, or music album you’re enjoying currently:
A book I have read at least a dozen times is, “Make Your Bed” by William H. McRaven.

Post by Technologent
February 16, 2024
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