Unlocking the Value of VDI with Converged Infrastructure Solutions



Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has become increasingly relevant in today’s highly mobile environment. By storing all components of a user’s desktop in the data center and delivering it to virtually any device, VDI frees employees from a physical workspace while giving them ready access to applications and the desktop experience. By enabling IT to centrally manage desktop images, VDI also increases flexibility, security and regulatory compliance while reducing total cost of ownership.

On the flip side, VDI is notoriously difficult to implement, and organizations typically need infrastructure upgrades to meet VDI performance demands. The boot storms generated when users simultaneously log into their desktops at the beginning of the workday can easily create network logjams. Significant storage capacity is required to store and back up virtual desktop images and data. Hardware complexity and security concerns frequently stall VDI projects.

Converged infrastructure solutions can help relieve VDI deployment headaches and ensure the success of VDI initiatives. Convergence combines compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management components in a tightly integrated, highly automated solution. It enables IT organizations to implement VDI confidently and cost-effectively, and to seamlessly scale from hundreds to thousands of virtual desktops to meet increasing user requirements.

According to a recent IDC Analyst Connection, converged infrastructure solutions are becoming the preferred platform for VDI deployments thanks to several key benefits. For example, convergence provides predictable performance that allows the supporting infrastructure to be easily sized and tuned for VDI. Organizations avoid the risks and costs of “VDI stall” while enabling the delivery of virtual desktop services to thousands of users.

IDC also notes that long-term success with convergence for VDI depends upon several factors. Organizations should:

  • Determine the best “flavor” of converged infrastructure (appliance, block or rack-scale) to meet scalability needs.
  • Consider the performance advantages of a centralized rather than a distributed VDI approach.
  • Partner with appropriate vendors to obtain strong ongoing support and services that drive a superior user experience.

VCE, the pioneer and worldwide leader in converged infrastructure solutions, has seen increased customer adoption of VDI on VCE platforms. Today, 35 percent of VCE customers use VCE converged infrastructure solutions for VDI, leveraging industry-leading software such as VMware Horizon and Citrix XenDesktop.

This momentum is fueled by VCE’s expanded converged infrastructure portfolio, including Blocks, Racks and Appliances, which provides customers with a choice of platforms for VDI. Current VCE customers are also utilizing VCE Technology Extensions for Storage as a highly affordable, flexible way to deploy VDI using their existing VCE Vblock Systems.

Technologent has been a VCE partner for as long as VCE has been a company, and has gained extensive experience deploying VCE converged infrastructure solutions. We also have deep expertise in VDI technologies, including VMware Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop. Our team provides planning, design and integration services that can help you leverage VCE systems to accelerate your VDI deployment. 

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