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According to the RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report, 26 percent of enterprises (defined as companies with more than 1,000 employees) spend more than $6 million a year in the public cloud. Another 26 percent said they spend between $1.2 million and $6 million a year. Twenty percent of enterprises plan to more than double their public cloud spend, and an additional 17 percent plan to increase their cloud spend 50 to 100 percent.

However, the study finds that organizations are concerned about reining in cloud costs. For the second year in a row, a majority of cloud users (58 percent) said that optimizing cloud costs is their top initiative.

In an ideal world, all cloud resources would be fully utilized and precisely matched to application requirements. However, many IT teams lack visibility into ever-changing workload demands across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. As a result, there’s a tendency to overprovision public cloud resources in an attempt to assure performance. This leads to cloud bill shock — according to Gartner, it is not uncommon for public cloud service bills to be two to three times higher than expected.

With this in mind, it’s critical that enterprise organizations correctly size and manage their public cloud instances to ensure that applications perform optimally and within budget. As cloud adoption continues to increase, IT teams need a self-managing platform that automatically provides applications with the resources they need without human intervention.

Turbonomic is a workload automation solution that continuously analyzes workload demand in real time and matches it to compute, storage and network resources in on-premises environments and private, public and hybrid clouds. Turbonomic enables you to:

  • View all workloads with a single software platform through a single pane of glass
  • Curate demand in real time to ensure applications get the resources they need
  • Reduce hybrid cloud costs with budget control, cost forecasting and cost management features
  • Migrate to public clouds on time and under budget with migration planning, workload placement and workload scaling
  • Enforce compliance policies across a hybrid cloud environment with workload anti-affinity, data sovereignty and placement policy enforcement

The latest release, Turbonomic 6.0, extends the platform’s capabilities in the public cloud beyond compute. The solution automatically adjusts the configuration of relational databases in the public cloud, and the tier, amount and location of public cloud storage resources. By delivering dynamic optimization and allocation of storage and relational database services, Turbonomic 6.0 expands an organization’s ability to optimize performance while minimizing cost and maintaining compliance.

Additionally, Turbonomic automatically maximizes the use of prepaid capacity and spot instances to balance cloud elasticity and budget constraints. It also enables organizations to reclaim idle capacity by automatically suspending unused compute and storage resources in real time.

By 2020, 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. Moving applications to the cloud enables organizations to preserve capital, increase agility and accelerate IT deployments. However, the complexity of the hybrid cloud makes it difficult to ensure application performance while keeping a lid on costs. Let Technologent’s cloud experts help you leverage Turbonomic to optimize your cloud spend by gaining new levels of visibility, automation and control. 

Post by Technologent
February 19, 2018
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