virtualizationBig data isn't the future any longer, it's the present. SAP HANA has been widely accepted as a leading platform to improve organizations' analytical capabilities, and recently the great has become even better.

Out with the Old
A number of recent movements focused around the HANA platform are spelling good news for those who have adopted it. Already regarded as one of the fastest virtualized environments to analyze and store data, Tech Republic believes the recent innovations surrounding the Business Warehouse application will prove to make SAP even more valuable.

SAP BW, a data warehouse application, now has the ability to run on premise, according to the source. In essence, this means that instead of pulling data from a location, analyzing it and sending it back, SAP BW now has the ability to analyze data on the spot. This cuts down drastically on time as data points are removed from the process.

Also hitting the news cycle is a recent study by Centriq that followed the platforms announcement to release a HANA-only version of its BW application. The results speak well to the advantages that SAP offers companies:

There are few systems on the market that offer this many tangible benefits that impact the bottom line at such an affordable rate. With the Internet of Things gaining steam among organizations, the power of consolidated data management will become even more valuable.

SAP HANA BW provides boosts in valuable key metrics.SAP HANA BW provides boosts in valuable key metrics.

Looking Ahead
Digital transformation is the key phrase being passed around board rooms nowadays. Data has become a valuable asset and with the dangers that surround physical storage environments, it's no secret that virtualized options such as SAP HANA BW are taking center stage.

The Harvard Business Review conducted a study among companies in which big data was a key component of the infrastructure and the results align closely with industry trends. Around 70 percent of organizations believe big data will transform the business strategy. The benefits of having a digitally aligned strategy as opposed to one without a strong vision are apparent as well. The study concluded the former led to higher profits, revenues and market valuations than the latter.

With this in mind, it's clear that SAP HANA is stepping up its offerings, connectivity speed and, ultimately, overall value of the product in a time where the transition to virtualized environments are greatly needed. This gives companies the ability to keep with mainstream trends without the excessive costs or network downtimes commonly associated with moving storage. As a result, businesses that don't take advantage now will be left in the dust as competition steps up their game in perhaps the most valuable asset an organization has today.

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Post by Technologent
September 26, 2016
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