Technologent's CISO Jon Mendoza has been featured in the ePublication issue of focused on HR Legal & Compliance Excellence. Jon helps HR Professionals understand the CCPA guidelines as well as what they need to do to tackle cybersecurity.

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The pandemic of 2020 brought about many harsh realities to organizations that weren’t prepared for the intake and onboarding of remote users and workers. Organizations had to provide enough laptops/desktops, ensure that VPN capacity would be able to meet the increased demands, and provide the appropriate security controls and licenses for their remote end-users. Needless to say, many corporations had their hands full. The threat actors also saw a spike in their activities and campaigns. Ransomware activities in 2020 rose to a level that has never been seen before and it continues to proliferate. In August of 2020, 235 million Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube user profiles were exposed in a data leak and in early April of the same year, Facebook’s 267 million user profiles were sold in the dark web.    For companies grappling with privacy regulations such as California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA/CRPA), the pandemic has put increased pressures and strains to an already overburdened security/IT/compliance team. The CCPA requirements call for companies and organizations who transact and conduct business with California citizens to protect their privacy as well as honor and process any privacy intake requests.  

Jon Mendoza, CISO
Post by Jon Mendoza, CISO
June 11, 2021