In our last post, we discussed the IT skills gap and the impact it continues to have on enterprise technology initiatives. IT teams are finding it difficult to deliver the technology solutions and services their organizations need to be competitive. They are also struggling with lost productivity, declining customer satisfaction and increased stress.

The primary reason for the IT skills gap is rapid technological change. Many organizations have not invested in training programs to help existing staff get up to speed. Skilled IT pros are in such short supply that organizations can’t attract the right candidates, pay them what they demand or find enough qualified candidates to fill open positions.

As we explained in our last post, residency services can help to bridge the IT skills gap. In this model, a third-party provider places highly qualified personnel at an organization’s location. The onsite resident can quickly come up to speed and provide a wide range of expertise cost-efficiently.

What Onsite Experts Deliver

Resident experts play a unique role in the IT services ecosystem. In addition to providing additional resources to relieve the strain on in-house personnel, onsite residents can offer deeper insight into IT decisions that are influenced by an organization’s unique business environment. They can also provide that all-important knowledge transfer that aids in the development of IT operational processes and the successful management of technology solutions.

A resident expert can be available onsite for up to 40 hours per week depending upon the agreement. Some of the benefits of this arrangement include:

  • Enhancement of in-house IT resources with technical expertise delivered by a highly skilled engineer.
  • Hands-on experience with the latest IT solutions coupled with a deep familiarity with the customer’s environment.
  • Ability to train in-house personnel and contribute to a knowledgebase.
  • Implementation of best practices and proven methodologies to ensure long-term success.

As part of a larger, third-party provider of outsourced IT services, resident experts are carefully prescreened and assessed to ensure they meet both technical and nontechnical requirements. Once placed onsite, they have direct access to other experts as needed to complete projects and troubleshoot and resolve issues.

How Technologent Can Help

Technologent has a well-established resident expert program as part of our resource consulting services. We strive to provide onsite experts who have skills that might otherwise be difficult to find, such as:

  • Systems engineers and administrators
  • Network engineers and administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Cloud engineers
  • DevOps specialists
  • Project managers
  • Business analysts

These experts are particularly well-versed in Technologent’s core capabilities, including software-defined data center, converged infrastructure, advanced storage solutions, public and private cloud services, cybersecurity, IT automation, and application performance management. They can also leverage our deep bench of engineers and our longstanding partnerships with industry-leading vendors.

Residency services are available to fill resource gaps or to aid in the transition to a new technology following a consulting or professional services engagement. Onsite experts can be placed nationwide to meet the requirements of our enterprise customers.

If you’re having difficulty filling technical positions within your organization, Technologent can help. Let our resource consultants find the specialized expertise and experience you need to close IT skills gaps, keep IT projects on track and reduce operational risk.